Chicago’s granite countertop installation experts

Stone Age Innovation is a one stop shop solution for all your stone requirements. With over a decade of experience in quality marble, granite and quartz installation in Chicago area homes, Stone Age Innovation delivers the following:

  • stone surfaces in kitchen and bathroom interiors
  • Countertops, vanity tops and sinks
  • Stone flooring options
  • Granite, marble, etc. fireplaces
  • Interior and exterior stone cladding – both residential and commercial

We undertake all kinds of residential and commercial requirements for the fitting of marble, granite and quartz. Depending on your budget and the kind of project you envision, we help you access real value services. Our business has now outgrown local and national competitors on the spine of our honed traditional business know-how.

We bring our Chicagoland clients over 10 years of experience in stone countertop installation.  We are experts when it comes to dealing with marble, quartz and  granite.  Our team is committed to quality, integrity and trust. Stone Age Innovation offers service is backed by years of knowledge. We are family owned and operated, adept at handling all three sturdy gifts of nature – marble, granite and quartz.

For our team, the expertise and experience is legacy and ingrained. Dealing with these outwardly sturdy but sensitive materials adds challenge to all our jobs. At StoneAge Innovation we know what a wrong cut or chipping in the absence of the right temperature and moisture conditions can do to these expensive products.

Our inspectors ensure a comprehensive walkthrough of the area and all its requirements. They are also adept at making alternatives that fit your style and budget. All final measurements at StoneAge Innovation are mapped, documented, communicated and worked out for pricing prior to installation. We also help you address areas around sinks, faucets, dishwashers and any kind of allied hardware that the living or work space may flaunt.

Stone Age Innovation works via contract, in which your project is completely insured for added security, considering that the use of marble, granite or quartz can bring on damage if the setting concrete is not premixed well or the material is of inferior quality. We deliver your requirement dot-on and invite you to go through our referrals by clients who have supported Stone Age Innovation for over a decade. Our Company helps you in the endeavor of beautifying your home or commercial set up.